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Buying A Condo In Toronto

QLOFT is a Canadian independent condos and town homes blog. We offer a balanced, data-driven perspective to assist our readers to comprehend complex issues surrounding home buying — a subject that affects most of us. Though we’re fairly young, our readership is growing rapidly, demonstrating that there is a demand for information on home buying in Canada.

Why Condos and Town Homes

We concentrate on the condos and town homes segment since we believe that it forms a large part of the Toronto real estate market, and is often perplexing to first-time buyers. Housing is not a topic millennials appear to know, and we believe that is so because housing issues are usually written for individuals with a great deal of money (and not somebody who has the very same problems as most millennials). We’d love to change that. If we can decode some of the confusion surrounding property purchase, we’ll have done our job.

Who Are We

We are a small group of nerds, writers, and developers working together to tell stories with information. A number of us have day jobs that give us insight to the topics we are writing about, and others concentrate solely on QLOFT, but most people have the exact same end goal: to describe Canadian home buying clearly using data and facts.

Our Writing Style

We write our posts just like we’d speak with you in a pub. We do not need, or desire, to use fancy language to create our job seem highbrow. After all, we are not trying to impress other authors, we are attempting to communicate with you efficiently. We believe direct, everyday speech helps us do that.

At QLOFT our intention is to analyze all sides of the real estate story, talk with experts in the field, and research concepts and stats which have been largely ignored by larger media outlets. We sincerely hope you enjoy the website we have put together here and that you get great use out of it. Please visit often and help us spread the word!